Stone Industrial

Innovation. It's the cornerstone of everything we do. From the world's first spiral-wound drinking straw, patented in 1888, to today's modern, special design production lines capable of producing thousands of high-quality tubes an hour, Stone Industrial has led in almost every significant small-diameter spiral-wound tube innovation.

From medical to motors, packaging to pharmaceuticals - wherever exceptional quality and performance are required, chances are you'll find tubing from Stone Industrial at work, setting the new industry standard.

Tomorrow's tube designs are taking shape today...
Stone Industrial | College Park, Maryland

In 1928 electrical engineers began to use spiral-wound tubes as cores, spacers, and insulators used in the first mass produced radios. Since that time the process of spiral-wound tubing has found numerous uses in electric motors, electrical apparatus, electronic devices, electronic components, aerospace, textiles, automotive, fuses, batteries, transformers, pyrotechnics, medical packaging, product protection, and consumer/commercial packaging applications.