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We are pleased to announce that Euclid Spiral Paper Tube Corporation and its 47 employees have officially joined Precision Products Group, Inc. Together, we are better positioned to provide innovative solutions to our customers and increase efficiencies throughout Precision Products Group, Inc.

Based in Apple Creek Ohio, Euclid Spiral Paper Tube Corp. has been in business since 1956 producing insulators for the electrical industry, along with a variety of specialty tubes.  These include the flexible insulator for the oil filled transformers, a variety of insulating tubes for small motor manufacturers, small battery cases, shim gauges for the audio speaker industry, and tubes for the model rocket market.  

In addition to spiral winding, Euclid also manufactures a line of single dose medical packaging equipment.  Their machines and the packaging materials sold with them add a new level of diversity to our product offering.   We view this new Medical Segment as one with great growth potential.

We are very pleased to bring Euclid Spiral into our group of companies.   As one of the most successful specialty spiral tube winders in North American, they will certainly strengthen our product offering and manufacturing operations.   

PPG is the parent company of a fast-growing family of leading manufacturers. Our specialty? Small diameter, specialty shaped Precision tube products for …
  • the automotive industry
  • electrical insulation
  • medical and pharmaceutical use
  • specialty packaging
  • and many other industrial and consumer products

It's our willingness to find and apply unique product solutions for diverse customers in dozens of markets that sets us apart.

We and our Stone Industrial and Paramount Tube divisions are considered leaders in our respective industries. Our influence has spread well beyond the United States, too. Recently, we established a manufacturing presence in China. Our Fusheng Insulation Materials division enables a fast-growing base of Chinese customers to benefit from localized product, service, and support.

What can kind of precision tube products can we invent for you today? Contact PPG.