Ultrasonic Welding


Ultrasonic welding is our exclusive new manufacturing process designed to cut tubes with .625" to 7.5" diameters and wall thicknesses as thin as .002" into any length (or reel).

With ultrasonic welding, the potential for splits - common to other types of seamed tubes - is greatly reduced. What's more, this process offers considerably greater strength and tear-resistance compared to that of extruded tubing.

Used in our ultrasonic welding process is new PET shrinkable lay-flat sleeving. This it is an ultra-thin-walled, heat-shrink polyester (PET) that delivers both high dielectric protection and physical toughness. Thus, it's an ideal product for the broadest range of insulation, encapsulation, specialty packaging, and protective covering applications (the latter of which include batteries and battery packs, capacitors, cables, electrical connectors, fuses, and motors).

Heat shrink polyester attributes include the ability to ...

  • shrink up to 35% in diameter, 20% in length
  • bond to most substrates on which it shrinks
  • exceed Mil-DTL-23053/7 Class 1
  • deliver 7,700V dielectric strength
  • be spooled and cut to length in a variety of colors and with a variety of printing options
  • operate in temperatures from -60° C to 130° C (150° C, intermittent)
  • resist chemicals and solvents

For further information on, download the PDF of our Bulletin #21. Learn more about our ultrasonic welding process, too, by contacting PPG.